For more than 20 years, we have depended on Cangelosi Marble & Granite to deliver superior quality products to us.  Their award winning craftsmanship, and their dedication to on-time deliveries have not let us down. In our deadline-based  manufacturing operation, we appreciate their commitment to great customer service, which allows us to provide the same to our customers.

Carlos Mata

Purchasing Manager, Brochsteins Inc

Cangelosi has extensive knowledge and experience in the stone industry. Everything from selection of different materials, to technical expertise in finishing and milling of stone. Having worked with Cangelosi for over 20 years, I can attest to the reliability of their service and the quality of their installations. During the design process, Cangelosi is a contributing member of the design team in assisting the Architect with lead times and pricing of materials being considered. At the end of the Project, you come to appreciate their work as master craftsmen.

Scott Zeigler

Zeigler Cooper Architects

I have been very satisfied with the products and customer service Cangelosi has provided me. The quality of the product combined with on time performance and the great customer service of Scott Neumann make Cangelosi an easy choice.

Jeff Fulbright

Fulbright & Company

In each Interfin project we pursue quality. Quality of design, quality of construction, quality of the architectural expression we want to achieve.

Working with Vic Cangelosi and his company, we're able to obtain the perfection of those details that ultimately define our quality.

From the marble vanity tops and tile floors of the bathrooms, the kitchen granite tops, the elegance of the stone floor in the lobby, all the way to the richness of the stone exterior elements, the fabrication and installation that they offer us is superb and unmatched in the marketplace.

We particularly enjoy working with their representatives in the design phase, selecting the most appropriate material for a specific installation never losing track of the financial impact of each selection.

We believe that in the last few years we have created quite a few extraordinary structures in Houston. As you visit them, you will be able to notice the important part that marble, granite and stone play in them. At the same time you will experience the invaluable contribution that the Cangelosi Company has made in each and every one of our projects.

Giorgio Borlenghi

President, The Interfin Companies LP

We chose to include Cangelosi Marble and Granite on our construction team because experience has shown us that Cangelosi is market competitive in their pricing, very knowledgeable about the technical aspects of their industry and they consistently deliver a high quality installation. On many occasions, it was Cangelosi's uncommon commitment to the project that made the difference between making or missing the project completion date. We value our relationship with Cangelosi Marble and Granite.

Steve Mercadal

Planned Community Developers

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